WTD produces elements from entrusted technical documentation, sketches, drawings, etc. The
enterprise is able to fabricate the item entrusted as a model.

WTD is suitably prepared for the machining of a single part and for the production of a series of a
given product. The company’s activities also include the reconditioning of worn-out machine and
plant construction components and the creation of new replacements according to individual

We provide a comprehensive service:

Oxidation (blackening)
Galvanic treatment (white, yellow and black zinc, hot dip galvanizing)
Sandblasting, glass bead blasting


We machine shafts, bushings, pins, discs, flanges, spacers from black and stainless steel, plastics and


We fabricate slabs, blocks, handles, supports, presses, clamps, spatial elements from black and
stainless steel, plastics and aluminium


We make steel constructions, balustrades, wooden and steel fences. We weld black steel, stainless
steel and aluminium.

Our products and services are suitable for:

– manufacturing companies
– maintenance departments
– brokers
– trading companies that want to have their own product but do not have production facilities
– repair workshops
– construction offices
– individuals who value quality

If there is uncertainty about the solution to your problem, simply contact us. We will respond quickly
and find a solution. Not necessarily from our range of services, but we can direct you to the right

After all, we are partners!