We manufacture parts on CNC and conventional machine tools.

The company has been in operation since 1 September 2018. It is a young enterprise equipped with
the necessary machinery. The nature of the business has been developed in stages which has made
us successively achieve the goals we have set.

WTD perfectly understands the needs of the modern market. The company’s philosophy is to
constantly improve its competence and strive to raise the rank of manufactured products.

WTD / The company puts quality and professionalism first, maintaining convenient deadlines and competitive prices.

After two years of activity we are satisfied with our achievements.

We have gained recognition of many customers. It is a sign for us that our products and services are of good quality and therefore satisfy our contractors.

Thanks to the development and expansion of our co-operation network, we can supply high-quality products faster and more comprehensively.

What makes us special

At WTD we do not take shortcuts and we do not seek compromises. We create products from
scratch. We believe that good raw materials and care for the highest quality are the key to success.


– focus on identifying and understanding customers’ needs and expectations
– optimal adjustment of products and services to customers’ requirements
– comprehensiveness of provided services


– the highest standards of products and services offered
– innovative and novel solutions


– top-class expert knowledge and many years of experience
– high working standards


– a key aspect of building trust and stable and long-term relationships with customers and partners
– the key to mutual success


– a staff composed of high-class specialists with experience and very good knowledge of the industry
– production facilities allowing for timely completion of orders
– a well-developed cooperation network allowing for comprehensive service
– numerous implementations successfully completed!